Sunday, October 16, 2011

Airline seats aren't that bad

I am on a flight to Minneapolis as I type this thanks to in-flight wifi. I was actually looking forward to sitting in my seat to see how much more room I had compared to 100 pounds ago. It's reasonably comfortable and I don't feel like I'm invading the space of the stranger in the seat next to me.

Other news...

I ran my half marathon 2 weeks ago today and did really well. Finished it in 2:23:08. I haven't run since then but I plan on it this week, i.e., probably next. A couple of my toenails have turned purple and I cut one of the big ones off last Sunday. That was really, really stupid and I recommend letting those types of things occur on their own. Much less pain that way.

I haven't been logging into MFP as much to see if I can manage on my own. I've done alright. My weight is still around 230 last I checked. Another big negative is that I've been having Mocha Frappes from McD's a few times a week. That has got to stop. It's reminding me of sneaking chocolate ice cream cones when I was 335 pounds. Those sugary drinks don't taste anywhere near as good as I feel after losing all of that weight.

Well the flight is coming close to its descent so I'll end it here.