Thursday, December 23, 2010

43.5 pounds in 3 months

I've lost 43.5 pounds in 3 months. I started this site and this journey on September 23rd. I was really surprised by what the scale said this morning. I thought maybe I'd be around 293 pounds. I did not expect to see 291.5 pounds.

Be sure to check the Progress tab to see my latest "glamour shot."

Saturday, December 18, 2010

One thing I've really missed...

A really good cheeseburger. Any suggestions? I'm going to reward myself soon with one.

This place looks like it would be a good place to try.

Dempsey's Burger Pub

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Slowly but surely

I'm still losing weight little by little but that's probably a good thing. I could always be doing better if I'd exercise and every other post if not every one is about me not exercising.

I had a yummy omelet this morning with egg substitute, mushrooms and a slice of cheese product (bad). I'm going to start adding spinach to it and get rid of the cheese.

I've been eating a lot of Subway lately. I'll get a footlong and eat half one day and the other half the next day. I always get ham because it's a $5 footlong so it's pretty cheap if you only eat half.

Other than that, I've been noticing little things with my clothes. XXL t-shirts that I haven't worn ever, I can now wear. Pants are looser. Jackets aren't as tight around the middle. My wife says my man boobs are smaller. Living with them everyday I don't notice it as much.

Slowly but surely, I'm shrinking.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Really need to exercise

I've really been struggling with the exercise lately. I did go for a couple runs over the past week. It was on a treadmill. It's been sitting in the basement for months. It belongs to a friend. She's storing it here since we've got the room for it. I was uneasy about it because the belt isn't very wide and it doesn't seem built for someone of my size. Regardless, I gave it a try and I didn't kill myself. I did almost bite the dust a few times. I hate looking down but find myself doing so in order to stay on the machine.
I keep intending to get up early and workout on it but I prefer to go to bed later. It's stupid of me.
I've been eating a lot of egg substitute, almost daily for breakfast. Still doing pretty well on the diet. I did have some homemade monster cookies tonight, 3 total. I felt guilty afterwards because it didn't give me the pleasure I thought or hoped it would. More incentive to get up in the morning and run.

I just hope I weigh less on Friday. Fingers crossed.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Finally weigh less than 300 pounds

The scale officially said 299.5 this morning. It's taking longer to lose weight now as is typical. I really need to start running again. I actually go for a run last night after work. It had been exactly 4 weeks since I last went for one. It's definitely easier to run when there isn't as much weight to carry. Browsing through Facebook this evening, I found a couple recent pictures of me that are really hideous and show how fat I am. The first picture is from June and the 2nd one is from August, both of this year.

I really have no idea how much I weigh in either of those pictures. I know it was over 335 pounds because the scale would have said Err if I would have stepped on it during that time. The 2nd picture is really bad.
One of the reasons I started on this journey was that as you can see above, loose clothing doesn't hide anything or make you look slimmer. I had given up on that. Being slimmer helps make you look slimmer.

On the diet front, I've been doing pretty well. I'm not sure if I'm eating enough calories. I'm not starving myself and never feel like I need to eat something. I seem to be averaging 400 to 500 calories per meal. I hate to be gross but I also need to eat more food to help keep me regular. I've definitely noticed a difference in that department lately. Again sorry for sharing that but it is what it is.

I've really learned to like egg substitute. I'll make breakfast sandwiches with it on an english muffin or as an omelet. Another regular addition to daily food routine is almonds. I'll have a few in the morning and then a few in the afternoon to tide me over.

There are more and more temptations coming in at work. We get sent a lot of sweets, chocolates, popcorn, you name it from different companies we do business with as Christmas gifts. I've been able to stay from it all so far. I have looked it all over more than once.

Saturday night is the company Christmas party. Not sure what the food situation will be. Regardless, I'll either have a lot of the healthier stuff or if there isn't that, I'll go easy on the unhealthy stuff. Not sure if I'll have a drink or not. Good beer isn't exactly low calorie. I'll be sure to write about how it all goes.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading and mentioning that they've been following me. It really helps to know you're reading this so I'll keep going.