Monday, December 31, 2012

Ran over 600 miles this year

I ran over 600 miles this year. It was a challenge I signed onto late last year or earlier this year on DailyMile. And as of this past Saturday evening, I surpassed that - 602.75 miles to be exact.

Other high points this year:
My first marathon
My first trail race - a half marathon
A donut challenge
Running with friends both in races and in training

Low points:
Gained some weight back
ITBS early in the year
Pulled hamstring at the beginning of marathon training

Plans for 2013:
More running and races starting with half marathon on January 19th
Get back to a healthier weight
Get back to eating healthier
Incorporate more bike riding - I enjoy running but I miss riding my bike
Blog some more

Happy New Year!