Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Really need to exercise

I've really been struggling with the exercise lately. I did go for a couple runs over the past week. It was on a treadmill. It's been sitting in the basement for months. It belongs to a friend. She's storing it here since we've got the room for it. I was uneasy about it because the belt isn't very wide and it doesn't seem built for someone of my size. Regardless, I gave it a try and I didn't kill myself. I did almost bite the dust a few times. I hate looking down but find myself doing so in order to stay on the machine.
I keep intending to get up early and workout on it but I prefer to go to bed later. It's stupid of me.
I've been eating a lot of egg substitute, almost daily for breakfast. Still doing pretty well on the diet. I did have some homemade monster cookies tonight, 3 total. I felt guilty afterwards because it didn't give me the pleasure I thought or hoped it would. More incentive to get up in the morning and run.

I just hope I weigh less on Friday. Fingers crossed.

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