Friday, February 18, 2011

New clothes

I've been gradually getting new clothes and also wearing clothes that have resided in the bottom of dresser drawers and back of the closet. Last night I wore a pair of cargo shorts that are size 46 in the waist. Now they fall off. That's never happened before. You can see said pants in the picture on the right. I got pants that big because I needed to make sure there was room for the extra junk I had going in the trunk.

I wore a new pair tonight that are size 40. I thought they were going to be too small but they fit great. Totally surprised at that.

Before I lost over 65 pounds, I would try to wear the loosest clothing I could find without it looking like I'm wearing a hockey jersey. Now, I don't mind if a shirt is a little more fitting. It can't be too tight yet as I still have a spare tire.

I'm much more willing to try new clothes now. Before, I hated trying on clothes because I looked like crap and clothes looked even worse.

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