Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today's 5k - 90 pounds lighter - 11 minutes faster

Ran my 2nd 5k this morning and my 4th race overall since starting my journey. I was worried that I wouldn't do very well because I haven't been running much since last month's 2-mile race. My 2 major goals for this race were running the entire race and finishing with a better time than my first 5k back in September of last year. I knew that if I ran the whole race then there was no doubt my time would be faster.

Well I definitely accomplished both goals. I finished this morning in a time of 29:12. That's over 11 minutes faster than my previous 5k. I even ran a faster pace than my 2-mile race last month.

A quick comparison:
9/18/10 - 335+ pounds - 40:33
4/16/11 - 245 pounds - 29:12

I feel like I pushed myself but I was also hurting a bit from not running very much over the past month. I didn't finish in the top 3 of my age group or win any door prizes but it wasn't why I ran. It was for a great cause and for my own health. I ran well and ran the whole race. I'm ecstatic with my time and I'm looking forward to my next race.

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