Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My first 10k this weekend

So I've decided to participate in my first 10k this weekend. I say participate because I don't plan on running the whole thing. I've registered for the 3rd Annual Brew 2 Shoe 10k in Manhattan. It's a point to point race starting at Tallgrass Brewing Company and finishing at Manhattan Running Company. There will be Tallgrass beer and pizza from AJ's NY Pizzeria at the finish. I'm looking forward to that even if the race starts at 7:30 am. It should be around 9 am by the time I am done.
Luckily it shouldn't be as hot on Saturday as it has been over the last couple of weeks. It's been sad seeing my bike in the garage and not seeing any daylight. I've been making plenty of excuses not to ride or not waking up early enough before the kids are up for the day.
So as a way to make up for all of that I'm doing my first 10k. Not sure what logic there is in that, probably not a whole lot.
I'm still keeping my weight between 225 and 230. I know that if I overdo it a day or two to not get overly upset with myself but to just get back to where I was and I'm just fine.
Something else I've noticed is that I still see what I think is the old me in the mirror. I still have a spare tire but I just have to look at the picture of when I started this journey and all of the ones before to remind me that I've come a really long way in what will be one whole year next month.
So I hope to live to tell about my first 10k. If you're in the Manhattan area on Saturday morning after 7:30 along Highway 24 west of Rambler's, McCall Rd and Anderson, be sure to honk and make sure I'm ok.

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