Tuesday, January 25, 2011

From Ben Does Life - 10 Superficial Reasons to Lose Weight.

So one of the many reasons this blog was started was because of Ben Davis. I've got a link to his site in the sidebar. He's lost over 130 pounds during the course of his 2-year journey. He had a funny post today and i thought I would post my thoughts on his list of reasons in italics.

10 Superficial Reasons to Lose Weight. Because we can't always be politically correct.
  • You don’t have to pull the seatbelt as far to click it. That's definitely the case.
  • Let’s be honest, chub-rub sucks. I've really noticed that on the pants I wear around the waistline. My pants are much looser and my belt isn't strained.
  • Far fewer sweat stains. Haven't really noticed. Would need to ask my wife that one.
  • Cartwheels are much easier (and graceful). Haven't tried. Don't plan to.
  • No more pulling the shirt out of fat rolls when you sit down. (don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. I still think about this but definitely agree with him.
  • People don’t eyeball you questioningly when you take the last cookie/slice of pizza. Luckily I haven't had the urge to have that much pizza where there is only one piece left or one cookie left in the jar.
  • You can put your shoes on like a normal person. For those of you that have never been obese, trust us, it’s really really hard to put shoes on. Slip on shoes were the norm but it's definitely much easier to put shoes on or tie them.
  • No more fat-tax ($2 for XXL and up shirts) Still wearing XXL but they are much looser now.
  • No more pretending like you’re wearing a T-shirt over your bathing suit to “prevent sunburns.” Can't wait for this summer.
  • Floors don’t creak as loudly. Sneaking up on people is much easier. N/A
In the spirit of being a fair and balanced blogger, I will now list the reasons to stay fat.
  • If you’re riding with friends in a two-door car, you always get shotgun, because everyone knows there’s no way you’re getting into the backseat without tearing some ligaments. Luckily I still ride shotgun because I'm 6'3" but I'm more willing to try and ride in the back now.
But even still, the lose-weight side wins convincingly 10-1. Let’s keep moving.

Check out Ben's blog, especially the archive to see how much he's changed in just over 2 years.

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