Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holiday woes...not so much

Been a while since my last post. I made it through the holidayswithout overeating except for two occasions.

The first was Christmas Eve. It was a gathering of all of my aunts, uncles and cousins with all sorts of good food like chili, chicken noodle soup, cake, cookies, dips, etc. I ate a little bit of everything but didn't go crazy and pile it all on my plate. I was definitely full and hadn't felt that way in a long time where my stomach ached from eating too much.

The second was New Years Eve. We went to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner and I didn't leave much on my plate. I had the chicken and crabmeat in addition to the salad, soup, vegetables, and rice that every meal comes with there. It wasn't all that bad other than the rice and the oil and sauces it's cooked in front of everyone.

Other than that I'm in the 285 pound range. I'm going to register for St. Patty's Day race soon. It's a 2-mile race on March 19th. Got to start training for that as well exercise in general.

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