Sunday, May 27, 2012

Do Life Kansas City

On Saturday I ran a fast 6 miles thanks to a new running partner. I told her to plan on running 10:15 per mile because I thought that's what I'd be able to handle but we ended up running 9:05 instead. I was gutted and tired but the sense of accomplishment far outweighed that. This week's training is the same except for an extra mile on Saturday.

Today I had the privilege of seeing Ben Davis and his dad again. This time was the 2nd stop of the 1st leg of the Do Life Tour 2012. We met at Loose Park in KCMO, an absolutely gorgeous area to walk, run or just be around. Although it was a cross training day for my marathon training I went ahead and ran the 5k, much faster than I planned on running.

What's great about the Do Life Tour is meeting other people who are starting their journey, are somewhere along the way or have finished the first part (losing weight for most) of their journey. I met a very cool guy who drove down from Omaha who just found out about Ben's story just 2 weeks ago. And one of the funny things is that he works for the company where the first Do Life Tour stopped in Omaha last July. He's lost 150 pounds. And it sounds like he might sign up for the Omaha Marathon too. He is signed up for the Color Run in July so I'm looking to meeting up with him again. Here's his site.

So it was a really good weekend and a successful week of training. And to cap it off with seeing Ben and Pa again made it even better.

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