Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Marathon training has begun

Mondays are rest days so today was the first mileage towards training for the the Omaha Marathon. I ran 3 miles at a pace of just over 9 minutes per mile. Felt good, pushed myself.

I only ran one day last week thinking that I'd take a little break before the real training begins and I hope that doesn't come back to haunt me. I don't think it will too much as I'd run a decent amount in the weeks prior or had at least worked up to a decent amount. We shall see.

I'm also doing better on the nutrition side. My weight has crept up over the last few months and I fell back into some bad habits. I hope to share and address some of those things in future posts. I know that if I've gone through them then there's a chance others have struggled with that also.

Rest of the week consists of 3 miles tomorrow and Thursday, 6 miles on Saturday and cross training on Sunday. Cross training will mostly consist of walking until the swimming pool opens for the summer and until I get a new bike.

I'll probably walk and run because Sunday morning I'll be in Kansas City to see Ben Davis again and participate in the Do Life 5k Tour 2012. It's not a race and it's for anyone and everyone. If you want to run it, great. If you want to walk it, awesome. Just come out and join the fun. Ben is a great guy and even though he's lost a bunch of weight and run a bunch of races, he has struggles like the rest of us and isn't afraid to admit it and help out others who need it.

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