Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cut out the mayo

So my last few sandwiches have been mayonnaise free. I've had an interesting relationship with that sandwich ingredient starting at a very young age. Growing up I hated it. I would have Miracle Whip on my sandwiches and wouldn't touch mayo. It wasn't until I was in my mid- to late teens that my eyes were opened to the awesomeness of mayo. It's weird that I can remember this but it started when I first visited Mr. Goodcents. I was with my aunt and uncle in Topeka at the time and had a turkey sandwich. A decent amount of mayo was applied to the sandwich. After just a couple bites, I was hooked and never had Miracle Whip on a sandwich again.

Over the last few years, regardless of the sandwich shop, I made sure the person making my sandwich applied a liberal amount of mayo, so much so that it would ooze out the ends of the sub. It was pretty gross but oh so good.

Well that's all changed now. It's mayo no more on my sandwich. I had a Subway sandwich yesterday, ham on wheat. The sandwich artist piled on the vegetables, all of them minus jalepenos, plus spicy mustard and vinegar. That was it. Needless to say the sandwich was really good and would definietly have that combination again. There was some spice and heat from the onions, green and banana peppers countered by the sweetness of the tomatoes.

It's also carried over to the sandwiches I make at home now with just spicy mustard. I need to get some red and white wine vinegar and I'll be set.

Anyone else find it weird that I have almost an entire post dedicated to mayo? Maybe not since this site is about the changes I'm making regarding what I eat and that's a big one.

P.S. Thank you to my uncle for suggesting that this be one of the additional changes to my diet. It'll make a difference.

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