Sunday, November 7, 2010

Went for a run on Thursday

So in my last post, I was pretty negative when it came to exercise. That must have been the old me because I went for a 30 minute run Thursday after work. I felt good afterwards, mentally anyway. My body ached but it wasn't too bad.

The diet is stil going well. While I'm making better choices and keeping portion size under control, my uncle showed me that I still have plenty of room to improve. It shouldn't take too long to implement most of his recommendations. Seeing before and after pictures of him, I can definitely see that it works.

I went ahead and weighed in again this morning just to see how I was doing after eating fast food twice on Saturday. I'm actually down a couple more pounds to 314. You can see from my diary that I went with healthier options instead of anything fried. I even stayed away from finishing anyone else's food as well.

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  1. Had a bad day from a dietary perspective and in terms of exercise. Funny how the two can be linked. Eat the wrong things and the energy levels for exercise can plummet. BUT tomorrow is another day.