Saturday, October 16, 2010

A huge victory - passing on cookies

I was given about a dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies yesterday morning to cheer me up after my team got slaughtered Thursday night. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite and I could have easily eaten all of them but I didn't have a single one. That's right, not a single cookie. Instead, I shared them with anyone in the office that wanted one. Some took one, others didn't have one because they're trying to be good like me. One guy helped out by having 2 or 3.

I worked out last night also a little after 7 - on a Friday night! Still doing the 30 minute runs. Combined with the walking before and after, totaling 42 minutes this time, it ended up being 3.1 miles. I feel that when I run my next 5k (still looking for one), I will definitely have a much better time.

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