Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shouldn't go 3 days between runs

Today was my first run of the week and the first since Friday's. My legs were tight at first but then they loosened up and remembered what to do. It was another 30 minute run tonight around town.

For dinner it was 3 slices of Papa Murphy's Herb Chicken Mediterranean deLITE®. I've sampled that before and thought it was good so my wife picked it up on her way home from Manhattan. It's definitely one of their healthier pizzas that's full of flavor. According to their website, it's 180 calories per slice. Not bad.

If you look at my diary on myfitnesspal.com, my lunch has consisted of a reuben sandwich lately, not the healthiest of choices. Other than that, I have been consciously trying to eat less red meat. We Americans love our red meat but I know 1 guy who isn't getting kidney stones anymore because he's cut it out of his diet and my father has cut back after having his prostate removed recently.

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