Monday, October 4, 2010

Week 9 - Day 1

I didn't make it out this morning. I'm not quite ready for the sub-40 degree mornings yet. Instead I went after work and made it almost 3 miles in the 40 minutes I was moving - 5 minute warmup walk, 30 minutes of jogging and then 5 minute cool down walk. My quadriceps were sore all day and this evening. I need to make sure I keep drinking plenty of water.
I also broke in my new shoes. The inside of both of my heels feel like they could turn into blisters. I think I'll go for a walk tomorrow to get used to them some more.
I almost stopped running after 1 lap around the complex this evening. I was sore, hungry and tired but the old me couldn't stop the new me. I just hope the new me continues to stick around for a good long while.

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